Bridget Bath, Chiropractor

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how pleased we were with all you have done for us. The process of getting our son’s Motivational Map done was very easy ‘Plain Sailing’ you could say! It enlightened us as to how to communicate and incentivise him I’m not saying that we are finding that ‘plain sailing’, but then most 13 rising 14 yr old boys don’t have a manual but you have given us the next best thing. We were able to share this information with school, his private Tutor (who particularly ran with some of the suggestions) and family members.

Melanie (Lang) Wickramasingh, Not-for-profit professional, Melbourne, Australia

Using my Motivational Map® report we discussed roles and organisations that would provide the right stimulus and environment for me to enjoy work. I found this really enlightening and have been using it as a touchstone in my search for jobs

Lisa White, Editor – Raring 2 Go Magazine

I highly recommend booking a session with Sarah if you want to help guide and motivate your child!

Deputy Head (North East)

“In education, relationships are key – knowing what motivates different members of our team think has helped in the development of roles and has greatly improved our strategic decision making.”

Nicola Finley, Freelance Consultant in Health & Social Care

The (map) results provided guidance, to help me decide what job I needed to apply for and the type of organisation I would best be suited to work in.

Steve Favell, Director, Education in View

Sarah helps individuals identify their own strengths, desires and motivations.

Amanda Spivack, Head of Fundraising, Wildlife Trust BCN & Chair, Institute of Fundraising, East Anglia Region

The motivational mapping exercise has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management. As a Manager it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members

Nicholas P Gair, Parent

I would love to see Motivational Maps being used in all secondary schools, colleges and apprenticeship schemes to assist young people in making informed choices about their future!

Adrian McDonagh, Founder of EasyWeb Recruitment

Sarah was able to act as a central point to gather and harmonise requirements so that the project was delivered with great success. It was a pleasure to work with Sarah who is friendly, professional and also a tough negotiator. I would highly recommend her as both a recruiter and a project manager.

Emily Gould, Senior Researcher

“The Maps are amazingly accurate and a real insight into what truly motivates you”

Claire Dalton, Head of NFP Division at EasyWeb Recruitment

Sarah is a highly committed and professional individual who delivers on what she promises. She has great organisation and communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. She has a wealth of HR experience and excels at building lasting relationships with those around her.

"The Maps are amazingly accurate and a real insight into what truly motivates you"

Emily Gould, Senior Researcher