We all learn in different ways and at different speeds. Ensuring that we understand the way we learn as individuals and the way students learn, for teachers, can have huge effects on our success

Motivational Maps give us insight into not only how we manage and react to change but our preferred language and learning styles too. Understanding what motivates someone enables you to plan teaching, project work and home study to maximise an individual’s engagement. Knowing if the learner prefers detailed instructions and time for thought (the Defender Motivator), working with others (Friend Motivator) or working on their own and managing how they complete the project (Spirit Motivator), enables you to work with them to achieve their goals.

The insight gained from understanding their motivators helps young people when applying for jobs. In addition to understanding the type of work that will motivate them, they can also consider which type of organisations would support them to be motivated. The understanding and knowledge they gain helps them with job applications, and interviews, enabling them not only to provide information about how they work but also how the organisation can manage them to get the best out of them.

Working with our Licensed Practitioners we will develop your understanding of the motivators and provide you with a detailed report on your child’s motivators. The report will enable you to get a deeper understanding of your child’s needs to be able to support them more effectively and improve their engagement and motivation. Maps enable you to understand how your child learns and how to communicate with them in a language that will engage them.

You will also receive a report which can be given to their teacher which provides simple, easy to implement, strategies that can be used to improve engagement at school.

"Sarah helps individuals identify their own strengths, desires and motivations."
Steve Favell, Director, Education in View