Motivation is key to the performance of individuals and teams

High performance is the result of everyone having:
1. Clear objectives
2. The correct level of skills for the role
3. A high level of motivation

Managers can ensure teams have SMART objectives and can recruit staff with the correct skills for the role. However, is not so easy to work out what motivates individuals to come to work. If someone has poor levels of motivation this affects their own health and happiness as well as their performance at work. It also directly impacts on the team’s performance, affecting its ability to provide a high quality service.

We work with managers and their teams, mapping individuals, providing 1-1 support and delivering workshops to improve individuals understanding of their own motivators, their colleagues’ and their clients or customers, improving relationships, performance and wellbeing. Contact us to find out more.

Poor motivation can lead to high staff turnover and high absence rates. These increase pressure on other staff, increase recruitment costs, and impact directly on a team’s ability to meet its objectives and remain within department budgets.

Until now, it has been very difficult to measure motivation and to know exactly what motivates individuals, and while some people know what motivates them, others are not so aware of their drivers.

Motivational Maps® provide a unique system to enable people, teams and organisations to understand, measure and maximise their motivations and performance. The Mapping tool is not a personality test or a psychometric profiling tool. It is a self-perception inventory, which gives an insight into the core motivation of a person and “what makes them tick”. Unlike personality, people’s motivations change so mapping should be repeated on a regular basis. They add another key dimension to the appraisal or performance review process.

Maps provide a motivation and management diagnostic that enables organisations to understand, motivate and lead their employees more effectively, the bottom line being that these diagnostics have a dual effect: the individuals completing them become more self-aware, happier and more productive, while leaders understand what needs to be done to boost performance and thereby increase positive outcomes. ​Contact us to find out how Motivational Maps can help you improve your team’s performance.

Maps are a key tool for personal development, enabling people to understand what they need from work to realise their full potential. Understanding the different motivators and how they impact on people’s ways of working can help managers resolve conflict within teams, reducing stress points and increasing individual’s health and wellbeing at work.

"Sarah was able to act as a central point to gather and harmonise requirements so that the project was delivered with great success. It was a pleasure to work with Sarah who is friendly, professional and also a tough negotiator. I would highly recommend her as both a recruiter and a project manager."
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