Motivation lies at the heart of every decision we make and every success we achieve.


We provide feedback sessions to explain the report results and develop your understanding of the different motivators. We work with you to develop strategies that can easily be put in place that will not only improve the young person’s motivation but also improve your relationship with them. You will understand how the young person prefers to learn and be communicated with, and, importantly, how they will respond to change.


Knowing what motivates you as a teacher enables you to seek the right roles and responsibilities at work and gain the most satisfaction from what you do. We support teachers personal development, enabling you to understand what you need from work to realise your full potential. Understanding the different motivators and how these impact on people’s ways of working can help to resolve conflict within teams, reducing stress points and increasing individual’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

Leadership Teams

The success of a school or a college depends on having motivated and committed staff. We work with individuals and/or teams to support them to maintain their engagement and motivation. Maps measure motivation and enable support to be given in the right way at the right time.

"Sarah is a highly committed and professional individual who delivers on what she promises. She has great organisation and communication skills and is a pleasure to work with. She has a wealth of HR experience and excels at building lasting relationships with those around her."
Claire Dalton, Head of NFP Division at EasyWeb Recruitment