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As a parent, you want what is best for your child. It can be incredibly frustrating when you know they are so capable and yet they are not interested in engaging in their school work and nothing you say or do makes any difference. We work with children age 9 and upwards giving you the insight to understand what makes your child tick and give you strategies to support them.

We have a special interest in working with children with special educational needs.
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Youth Development

Whether you run a Scout or Guide pack, lead Outward Bound or Duke of Edinborough groups or support disadvantaged or disengaged young people, all groups can gain huge advantages from developing an understanding of what motivates individuals in that group. We provide interactive and informative workshops. To find out more contact us

Choosing Options & Careers

Using Motivational MapsYouth, we help young people decide

  • what subjects to pursue towards examinations;
  • whether to leave school or college and seek employment or to remain in further and higher education;
  • what courses and qualifications to undertake;
  • what career options would be best suited to them.

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‚ÄúSarah Stones helped me enormously at a crossroads in my professional life. The Motivational Map process helped me to identify exactly what I wanted out of my career and led very directly to me going back to my first career and fairly swiftly onto me getting a job which I absolutely love!  The Maps are amazingly accurate and a real insight into what truly motivates you."
Emily Gould, Senior Researcher