Supporting you to support your employees

Do you have any HR issues which are holding your organisation (business or charity) back or causing you sleepless nights?

With over 25 years of experience in a range of organisations and working with chief executives, operational managers and trustees we are skilled HR professionals, with knowledge, experience and understanding of all sectors. We specialise in working with SME’s and in the charity/not for profit sector.

When working with you, we are able to quickly assimilate and analyse information to understand your organisation’s needs and provide HR services to support the achievement of your organisation’s objectives.

Our team are proactive, perceptive and skilled communicators who work collaboratively, quickly building strong and effective working relationships with all. This enables us to identify and ask the questions needed to fully understand issues and enables us to facilitate positive discussion towards resolution of difficult issues.

Our approach to service delivery

We have a can-do approach to problem-solving, We are skilled problem solvers with the ability to see the big picture without losing focus on small details,

  • We have experience of resolving difficult employee relations issues
  • We are business focussed and strategic
  • We deliver effective and timely solutions to improve/streamline and simplify processes.
  • We achieve outcomes within agreed time frames.

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"The Maps are amazingly accurate and a real insight into what truly motivates you"

Emily Gould, Senior Researcher