Are you struggling with people issues at work?

Running a business of any size is challenging. The success of the business depends upon all those involved sharing the same vision, goals and working together to achieve them. Your people are your biggest asset and your biggest cost. When difficult people issues arise, many people try to avoid conflict and issues are often ignored until ignoring them is no longer an option. We are knowledgeable and confident in interpreting employment law in the workplace. We ensure the most appropriate outcome for your organisation and the individuals involved.

We can work with you to identify the issues and look for the best way to resolve them. These can include poor performance, high staff turnover, low morale, sickness absence.

We can work with you in a number of ways, supporting you either with one-off issues or working alongside you on a retainer basis.

  • We successfully resolve complicated employee relations issues, reducing legal fees and safeguarding organisations from employment tribunal Claims and negative publicity.
  • We provide advice on contracts of employment, employee handbooks and best employment practices
  • We assist with organisation restructures, (including TUPE transfers) within agreed timeframes with minimal disruption to the delivery of the business

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"In education, relationships are key – knowing what motivates different members of our team think has helped in the development of roles and has greatly improved our strategic decision making."
Deputy Head (North East)