Getting a job

Searching for a new job isn’t easy. Whether you know what job you are looking for or you want to find a different career that motivates you more, we can help support you find a role you will enjoy in an organisation that provides the right environment for you to flourish.

Let us help you to find a career that will inspire and motivate you.

We will:

  • Help write your CV
  • Identify what motivates you and help you to find the right job in the right environment for you using the Motivational Maps® tool
  • Develop your LinkedIn profile
  • Build your interview skills

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Career Development

We have all been there. You have enjoyed your career to date but feel like you have lost direction, or need a new challenge but you are not sure what that looks like. We will work with you to identify where you get your energy from and support you to look for new opportunities that will energise you.

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Career Development

Finishing work brings so many changes. There are endless opportunities for this exciting new stage in your life. What motivates you now will be very different. Whatever you are planning, understanding what energises you can help to ensure you enjoy your retirement. Get in touch to find out how we can support you.

When things go wrong

Disciplinary? Performance management? Redundancy? Capability procedure?

These terms are generally ones that we only see when looking through the staff handbook at work but when you go into work and you are given a letter or invited to a meeting regarding any of the above what do you do?

Unfortunately, not all employers follow fair and proper procedures when dealing with issues at work. We can work with you to advise you on whether the treatment you are receiving at work is fair and importantly, legal.

We offer a free half-hour telephone consultation during which we ask you to go through the details of the treatment that you are receiving at work. From that conversation, we can advise you what action you may wish to take going forward.

If required, we can support you with the preparation of your documents and we can signpost you to excellent employment lawyers.

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"The Maps are amazingly accurate and a real insight into what truly motivates you"

Emily Gould, Senior Researcher