Our underlying belief is that everyone at work should be treated fairly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. But how do you know whether what your employer has done is fair or not and what do you do if you believe it isn’t?

We can provide advice and guidance at a time when things can be very difficult for you. Using our knowledge of the employment tribunal system, we can work with you to advise you on whether your employer is acting lawfully in their actions, prepare letters for your employer, and ultimately, if required, signpost you to excellent employment lawyers and ensure that you have the necessary documentation to take the case to an employment lawyer.

Examples of our work in this area include supporting Amy* who was presented with a settlement agreement out of the blue when she went into work one morning. She had been employed for 15 years and no conversations had taken place regarding her performance or capability. Following a discussion with us, in which we established the details of the case, we helped Amy find a very good employment lawyer and a settlement agreement was finalised with an increase of 25% on the original offer made, a £2000 payment towards careers advice and increased payment to cover the necessary legal fees as all settlement agreements need to be agreed through solicitors.

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*Name changed

"The Motivational Mapping project has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management. As a Manager, it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members"
Amanda Spivack, Head of Fundraising, Wildlife Trust BCN & Chair, Institute of Fundraising, East Anglia Region