We help people to be more motivated 

Sarah Stones - Plain Sailing HR

Motivation is key to unlocking potential

Whether we get out of bed to go to school, college or work, we do so because we are motivated.  Until now, it has been hard to identify what it is that gives us that energy.  We work with individuals, teams and organisations, using Motivational Maps, to identify their motivators and give them strategies to maintain and improve motivation - resulting in happier, more engaged inividuals and improved performance.   

Supporting Individuals

Is it just lucky people who find jobs they love? We don't believe it is. We spend, on average, 23 complete years of our life at work so it's important to find a job you love.  We help you find out what your intrinsic motivators are. Read more about how we can help you increase your motivation in your current role or find another role. Get in touch today.

Supporting Teams

Your staff are your greatest asset. Developing their potential is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Contact us to find out more about how Motivational Mapping can help you understand your employees, increase employee engagement, reduce staff turnover and sickness absence and therefore help your company achieve more today.

Supporting Organisations

Running a business is hard work. Even the best companies with the best staff can have employee relations issues. We can help you manage any grievences, disciplinaries or performance management issues you or your team may be facing. For emergency assistance call us now.

Supporting Young People

Young people today have so many challenges.  We work with children, using a youth version of Motivational Maps, to identify what motivates them, and provide reports for parents and teachers, describing the motivators and providing clear and effective strategies to improve engagement. Sound good?  Contact us today to find out more.