We inspire people to be more motivated 

Sarah Stones - Plain Sailing HR

Motivation is key to unlocking potential

Whether we get out of bed to go to school, college or work, we do so because we are motivated.  Until now, it has been hard to identify what it is that gives us that energy.  We work with individuals, teams and organisations, using Motivational Maps, to identify their motivators and give them strategies to maintain and improve motivation - resulting in happier, more engaged inividuals and improved performance.   

Supporting Young People

Young people today have so many challenges.  

We can tell you what makes your child 'tick' and provide effective, easy to implement strategies to engage your child. Sound good?  Contact us today to find out more.


Supporting Schools and Colleges

Motivated and engaged students and teachers achieve more. 

Understanding what motivates them improves results, enhances attendance and retention and helps your school or college achieve more. Get in touch today to find out more.

Supporting Individuals

Is it just lucky people who find jobs they love? 

We don't believe it is. Most people spend, on average, 23 complete years of our life at work so it's important to find a job you enjoy.  You create your own opportunities and we can help you find a job you love.  Get in touch today.

Supporting Organisations

Running a successful business and energising staff is hard work.

Developing your greatest asset, your staff, is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce.  Increase engagement, reduce staff turnover and sickness absence and achieve more today. Developing employee potential is the key to a happy, healthy and productive workforce. Call us now.